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A picture of the Motor Control Lab Control Pit
The Motor Control Lab

The Motor Control Lab

The Motor Control Lab is a gymnasium half converted for use in gait studies and motion capture analysis. It has a raised textured platform equipped with a set of AMTI Force Plates, and a pair custom engineered hydraulic forceplates capable of horizontal and rotational displacements. The lab also has the necessary equipment to collect EMG, EEG, Motion Capture, and other data types that can be fed into an analog data recording system.

A picture of the Training Room from the entrance
The Training Room

Training Room

The training room is a small annex designed to be comfortable for younger subjects, and capable of collecting data in quieter environments. It is equipped with an EM-shielded sound resistant room for EEG collections, and a MiniBird magnetic tracking system.

Lab Equipment

You can learn everything you want about the equipment we utilize in the production of science on the Lab Equipment Page.